Tape UK | Accounting Firm

SEO services for a Accounting firm based in London & Cheshire

Created and implemented a SEO strategy for an accounting firm based in London and cheshire that wanted to increase their ranking and generate more leads from SEO. Tape UK wanted me to create customised SEO solution that would reach their business goals and objective, effectively, grow their accounting business. https://tapeuk.com

Strategies we have put in place

  • Created 10 new blogs
  • Created new Web pages that would attract our target audience.
  • SEO optimised the Google my profile
  • Created new Title & Meta description
  • Secured backlinks for websites with 80+ DA
  • Ranking 1st and 2nd for targeted keywords in SREP
  • Secured 2,000 Impressions and 150 clicks

SEO data


"Abdi's SEO expertise elevated our accountancy firm. His tailored strategy improved visibility and rankings. Highly recommended for impactful, personalised SEO solutions."

Imran Savas

CEO & Founder of Tape UK

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