Five lessons I learned from Jim Rohn

Abdi Ahmednur | 4th March 2023 | 5 min

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Jim Rohn is a motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. I first came across him on YouTube watching videos on personal development and how to change your life. After watching a few of his videos, I have come down to the conclusion that this man is a genius and gives out life lessons that still apply today in 2023 and beyond.

1. It Is All Risky

The very first lesson I learned from Jim Rohn, was not to be too cautious as it can lead to becoming more timid and shy. Here are a few quotes that completely stuck with me for life “I will tell how risky life is you are not getting out alive” and “We all must suffer one of two pains, the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret. Discipline weights ounces, while regret weights a ton” these quotes are important life lesson for me as it shows life can become challenging and rewarding, you should always be brave and dream big with confidence, belief, and become fearless. I have attached a copy of the videos below, highly recommended that you watch it as it is very inspiring and motivational.

2. Make A Change That Will Change You

It is time to make a change in your life if you feel unsatisfied, feel like you are not being challenged and not getting any real satisfaction, not getting what you deserve from the job you currently have or whatever situation you might be in. Here is a quote that stuck with me “starting tomorrow what are you going to do that will make a change in your life direction? Now see if you don’t do something starting tomorrow that will make a difference, guess what? It’s gonna be that same” ‘Make that change you want to become in life and so you can have a better future. Otherwise, everything will remain the same. I have attached a copy of the video below.

3. Don’t Wish It Was Easier Wish You Were Better

Change starts with you, letting go of old habits and embracing new ones that will improve your life and the current situation that are in. Here is a quote that stuck with me by Jim Rohn.

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better! Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills! Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom” this quote stuck with me because it encouraged me to improve myself and always pushing yourself to do better and not worry about external factors, we have no control over in our lives. This is also a lesson on personal development and growth. I have attached a copy of the video below.

4. Work On Yourself

Things will only change when you change, change starts with you, otherwise nothing changes here is another quote that stuck with me “Do something different the next 90 days then you did that last 90 days ‘’ do something different that will push you towards your annual goals, take proactive steps, and help you to become a better person. Take responsibility for your actions and accept the consequences. That follow as this will help us to learn and grow from our experiences. Ultimately, changing ourselves is the first towards making a better future for our us. I have attached a copy of the video that inspired me a lot and made me change myself.

5. Become More Disciplined

Lastly, it is important you become disciplined, planning out your days, weeks, and months all contributing towards your annual goals. Here is another powerful quote that stuck with by Jim Rohn “The major key to your better future is you ‘’ start something tomorrow that drastically changes your life, work on those habits that you are struggling with and stay focused on things that matter to you. Discipline is crucial when it comes to achieving your goals and making progress in life. Starting something tomorrow can be a powerful way to create a positive change in your life. Here is the last quote from Jim Rohn “Motivation is what gets you started and habits keep you going ‘’ remember, change doesn’t happen overnight, but with discipline and persistence, you can achieve great things, achieve your goals and create a better future for yourself.


To summaries everything, Jim Rohn is a genius and mastermind of breaking down ideas into simple, actionable steps that can help anyone improve anyone life. From his teachings we can learn the importance of taking risks, making changes, and working on ourselves becoming more disciplined, focusing on personal growth and development. By applying these lessons to our lives we can create positive change, achieve our goals and create a better future for ourselves.

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